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Welcome to OnAStickSoftware, at http://www.onastick.clara.co.uk.

The main site for OAS is now at http://www.onasticksoftware.co.uk the home of OAS Playout - a comprehensive digital radio playout system specifically targetted towards small scale radio stations. Already successfully used on several UK radio stations (RSLs), here you can read up on the package, see reviews and information on stations which have used the software plus you can also download a free evaluation copy.

There is also an assortment of free Windows software available including the OAS Audio API which forms the heart of the Playout system and a number of other useful utilities including intelligent file copiers and a popup messenger program.

OAS has been around for some time providing a wealth of information and project add-ons for the old Dragon computer. This site is the home for all this information including the PCShare project and whilst the heady days of support & interest in that beast are long gone there are still the die hard few & folk who are re-discovering an interest which may find it useful.

You can also find the local radio pages here as well providing an amusing montage of local radio which has amused us over the years a good few pictures and sound bites.

Any queries or further information? - feel free to drop us an email, the address is at the bottom of the page.


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